I Thaw Her Standing There
(The Harrooning Song)

(harroon, harroon, harroon, harroon, harroon…)

Yes, the ancient tradition of harrooning is once more revived with Heywood Banks and the ancient harrooners, reviving the technique of harrooning, that men, going out upon the vast fields and swamplands have, have presented the traditional harrooning technique, of harrooning, that men used to go out, upon the, on the long journeys, and they would ah, they would bring out their harparoons and ah, they would be fighting whales and stuff and singing this Harrooning Song, about true love and platonic love and ??? love, and this is a song about lasting love, by Heywood and the MacHarroons.

(Harroon, harroon, harroon, harroon…)
Oh me love’s locked up in me Fridgidaire, it’ll be a year today
She said I’d never keep her, but she’s kept quite well I’d say
Harroon… Harroon…

Thank you, that was good, okay you can pick up your checks.

Album: If Pigs Had Wings

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