Fair, Fair, Nashville

There is a town
More fair than Disney
Where country music’s flag unfurled
And I speak of course
Of fair fair Nashville
The eighth wonder of the world

And there live fair
Fair country maidens
With hair of cotton-candy curl
And the men wear silk
And sequin get-ups
And wagon wheels upon their clothes

Now every heart
Goes out to Nashville
For songs of sweat and life so hard
Oh take a tour
For twenty dollars
To see the mansions of the country stars

Now every boy
Who picks a guitar
They come to Nashville by the horde
They dream of owning
A golden Cadillac
With silver dollars on the dashboard

Oh do not come
To fair fair Nashville
They’ll steal your songs, they’ll steal your soul
Just stay at home
With your dear mother
Or freeze to death on Music City Row

For there’s but one
Hillbilly Heaven
There is but one Porter Wagoner Show
You’ll never win
You’ll take to drinking
But then again you never know…

Album: Treated and Released

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