The Dinosaur Song

Paleozoic, Mesozoic, Cenozoic,
Donít ya know itís funny how the time goes by
Seems like only yesterday we slithered out of the sea
And now we got to wear a suit and tie

For fifty-seven million years the dinosaurs ruled the land
But now theyíre dead and thatís just fine you will conclude --
Now Iím not saying they werenít real nice,
Once you finally broke the ice,
But some of them were really rude!

Oh, way out in Montana, although not very recently
Where the Stegosaurus grew and grew
Everyone knew he had hips like a bird and bony plates along his back
But he never would admit it was true
Out of his tail grew great big spikes and if you mentioned it he would likely
Whip that tail at you angrily
ĎCause even though his brain was actually only the size of a walnut
He was just as proud as you and me

Tyrannosaurus Rex had a head four feet long
And it made it tough to buy a toupee
His teeth were seven inches long,
And he had little teeny arms
And it made it hard to brush every day

Triassic period Jurassic period Cretaceous comma
Hey there Mama, where did all the dinosaurs go?
Some say a meteor hit the Earth and killed them all for what itís worth
But then again we donít really know
I can now explain at last, it wasnít ice or greenhouse gas
That stopped their little hearts from a-tickiní
A caveman who had happened by
Discovered when they were deep-fried
Dinosaurs tasted just like chicken!

Album: Treated and Released

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