Big Butter Jesus

In southern Ohio
Just north of Cincinnati
I beheld a vision
Next to the expressway
Was a 60-foot Jesus
With his hands in the air
Looked like he's carved out of butter
Just like at the state fair

Big butter Jesus
Sweet cream Jesus
O country-fresh Jesus
Unsalted Jesus
O promise Jesus
Imperial Jesus
Can't believe it's not Jesus
Oleo Lord

Well you see him from his chest up
Like he's about to do a backflip
Or maybe scored a touchdown
Or maybe melting or about to drown
You know I been to the state fair
Seen a calf made out of golden corn
Stephen Hawking out of string cheese
And the virgin out of olives

(repeat chorus)

Shipped in pieces on a flatbed
Staring backwards was his big head
Drivers stuck in traffic backups
Desperately avoiding eye contact
Well don't you make no graven images
I think it's one of the ten commandments
I hope the grading curve is kindly
You get into heaven with a ninety

(repeat chorus)

Can't belive it's not Jesus
O spread the word

Album: Big Butter

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